John Stanton

Founding Partner

John Stanton is the President of the Silicon Valley Global Partners dedicated to the growth of technology start-ups in the Silicon Valley.  He also serves as Executive Director of the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG), a non-profit aimed at helping Ireland embrace new technology opportunities. In addition, John is a member of the Silicon Valley Global Ventures management team investing in “Market Changing” early stage, high growth companies.

John has amassed a wide variety of technology and entrepreneurial experience over his 25 year career. Prior to joining the SVG Partners in 2010, John served as President of MarketMinds, a consultancy firm he founded dedicated to bringing new products to market. He also served as Founder and CEO of CubeGuard, a simple but elegant office productivity tool for preventing interruptions and communicating availability status to coworkers.

Prior to founding his own companies, John served at Palm as Vice President of Product Marketing, Vice President of Mobile Software and Services, and Vice President Customer Support and E-Commerce. Previous to that, he held various leadership positions with several top technology companies in the Silicon Valley including: Apple, Intuit, Hewlett Packard and Eclipse, a highly successful supply chain consulting firm where he played a key leadership role in building the company’s double and triple digit growth.